March 10, 2013


Michael C. [guitar]

“I have been a student of Michael’s for about 4 months, but I have known him much longer. Michael’s knowledge and translations of music are second only to his love for music. As a student with intermediate skills, Michael has helped me develop a much more significant understanding of music theory, and a better perspective on my own interpretation of it in general. i love music as well and Michael has helped me understand it on new levels i did not think i would ever experience. Michael’s ability to translate ideas into a way that students can understand them makes the learning process easier and more enjoyable. I have learned more in 4 months with Michael than i had for the 9 years i have been playing music on my own. Michael is an expert at his craft and deserves admiration and respect for his ability to share it in a way that almost anyone can attach themselves to.”

Vaughn F. [guitar + music theory]

“Michael has a deep knowledge of theory, and the chops to make that knowledge come to life in a very organic way. His consistent kindness and patience make him stand out as a teacher and mentor. With his guidance, you’ll make meaningful improvements on your instrument, and you’ll have a great time doing it!”

Caitlin H. [ukulele + songwriting]

“If you’re looking for a someone who can help bring out your inner musician, look no further! Michael has helped me take my basic knowledge of the ukulele and customized my lessons to learn not only what I was hoping for, but so much more! I never thought I’d be playing the ukulele like I am now; Michael has this laid back yet inspiring attitude that helps to guide your musical talent to reach its potential. I’m so grateful to not only be learning from him musically but to know him as a person. Highly recommended!”

Jane D. [ukulele]

“As soon as I received a ukulele for my birthday, I began searching far and wide for a uke teacher in the Finger Lakes area. What I found was a uke guru. Michael has a gentle and patient way of teaching that goes a long way for amateur musicians like me. He personally tailors the lessons to fit his student’s pace, finding modern songs to practice on their instrument instead of the boring “hot cross buns” variety. Instead of dreading each lesson, I find myself practicing as much as I can so I can bring the same amount of dedication and focus that Michael brings to each session. He gives you the tools to increase your skills, and with regular practice you will improve in a remarkably short amount of time. Michael is one of those rare people who strikes the perfect balance between being a teacher and friend. I can’t recommend him enough.”

Becky C. [voice student parent]

“It has been a joy to see my daughter learn and grow with Michael’s teaching. She has gained confidence in learning the music and in her voice. His style is to encourage, support, and understand. He has a relaxed manner that makes it fun and positive.”

Roberta H. [ukulele + voice]

“I am writing in reference to my music instructor, Michael Gonzalez. My lessons began with him as his first autoharp student. He has spent extra time researching the autoharp and has devised exercises to suit my instrument. Thanks to the personal attention to my abilities and the music I chose, Michael helped me learn enough to accomplish my goal to be able to perform Christmas songs to various groups during the holiday season. In addition to learning my autoharp, we have worked on music theory. I have enjoyed that and will be able to apply that knowledge to any instrument I choose to play in the future. Now I have begun taking ukulele and voice lessons. Michael has helped me gain confidence in my singing by strengthening my voice and ear training. I highly recommend Michael as a teacher for children as well. My grandson took lessons from him this past summer and always came home from his ukulele lessons with a feeling of accomplishment.”

Larry M. [owner Noisy Neighbor Music Inc.]

“Michael taught private guitar, mandolin, and ukulele lessons at my store, Noisy Neighbor Music, for four years. During that time he was always professional, prompt, courteous and patient with his students and respectful of the sales staff. It was common for me to hear students say “he was the best music teacher they had ever had”. During his tenure he remained interested in his art and craft and would study new music and information whenever he had a break between students. I do not hesitate to recommend him to those wishing to employ him as their music teacher.”

Missy H. [guitar student parent]

“As a parent, I have enjoyed seeing my son grow as a musician through Michael’s teaching. Michael is very patient and encouraging; he motivates his students to reach their higher potentials. He’s kept my son’s interest level very high while teaching him the foundations of music and music theory. Michael shows great interest in his students as individuals and has supported my son outside of regular “lesson time”. The personalized, heartfelt instruction that my son is receiving is preparing him to be a lifelong musician, regardless of the career path he chooses. We count Michael among our many blessings!”

Aaron R. [guitar + music theory]

“I had been playing for 20 years before I first starting taking lessons. I chose Michael due to his Jazz knowledge. Within a short time I was progressing through techniques and gaining knowledge. Michael is great at realizing the way you learn as an individual and using that to his advantage in teaching you.”